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  • English Language Training Institute

    Live. Learn. Be Global. 

    Office of International Programs

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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    Access and enjoy nature throughout the UNC Charlotte campus

    ELTI hosts students from a diverse group of countries

  • Our ELTI Community

    The English Language Training Institute, a unit of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Office of International Programs, prepares English language learners to be successful members of the U.S. academic community while promoting intercultural understanding and a global perspective.

    Since 1978, the English Language Training Institute (ELTI) has served international students by providing quality English language instruction in a friendly academic environment. ELTI staff and instructors are committed to helping students transition into UNC Charlotte and other institutions of higher learning through its rigorous curriculum, student activities, and events.


    Engage with UNC Charlotte students at various campus activities and events



    • North Carolina’s Urban Research

    • Over 29,000 students
    • 86 bachelor’s degree programs
    • Over 140 graduate degree

    • Small, interactive classrooms
    • Welcoming, inclusive
    • Six levels of English language

    • Full UNC Charlotte student access
    • Experienced, friendly instructors
    • Learn more at


    • Population: 2.3 million people in the

       metropolitan area
    • Largest city in the state of North Carolina
    • Second largest major financial center in the

       United States
    • Professional sports teams, museums,

       theater, music events, shopping
    • International airport, light rail, public

    • Within driving distance of New York City,

       NY; Washington, DC; Atlanta, Georgia; the

       Appalachian Mountains; and Atlantic Coast


    ELTI hosts students from a diverse group of countries

  • ESL Intensive English Program

    All instructors hold Master Degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language or a closely related field.


    Three semesters per year; twenty classroom hours per week
    • Fall (August-December) = 15 weeks
    • Spring (January-May) = 15 weeks
    • Summer (May-August) = 10 weeks

    Three classes per day
    • Reading and Writing
    • Academic Language
    • Listening and Speaking


    Summer 2018

    Fall 2018/Spring 2019

    (Approved insurance to cover entire term)

    ELTI Tuition

    UNCC Student Fees 

    Housing and Meals


    Health Insurance**





    $3,800 - $5,000*

    $3,800 - $5,000*

    $200 - $275*

    $200 - $275*

    (Approved insurance to cover entire term)

    *Costs are best estimates
    **UNC Charlotte offers a student health insurance plan. Students can purchase a

       separate plan meeting UNC Charlotte’s specific requirements. 

    Engaging social events on campus

    Small, interactive classes

    Welcoming and inclusive campus

    350 student clubs and organizations at UNC Charlotte

    New students are placed into one of six levels, beginning to advanced, based on assessments given during the new student orientation at the beginning of each semester.

  • Student Services, Activities, and Events

    ELTI students have full access to UNC Charlotte student services and facilities

    Students enjoying a team building activity 

    UNC Charlotte athletic events for fun and relaxation

    ELTI has a dynamic group of university students and community volunteers who are scheduled for a few hours each day to serve as conversation partners and tutors for ELTI students during lunch and classroom breaks. Both students and volunteers are excited for opportunities to make connections outside the classroom.



    Modern, convenient campus housing

    Engaging social events on campus

    Small, interactive classes

  • The City of Charlotte

    With over two million residents, the Charlotte metropolitan area is located about midway between Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. Charlotte is a few hours from the beautiful North Carolina beaches and mountains, which offer day or weekend excursions.

    • Charlotte-Douglas International Airport located 11 km  

       (7 miles) from campus
    • The 3rd business and finance center of the 

       United States
    • The 7th fastest growing city in the USA
    • Light rail train running between Charlotte “Uptown” and 

      UNC Charlotte (Spring 2018)
    • Ranked #14 Best Big Cities for Jobs
    • Top employment fields
       - Banking: 52,605 jobs
       - Health Care: 32,500 jobs
       - Energy Engineering: 25,000 jobs
    • Climate: warm summers and mild winters
       - Summer average: 30 degrees Centigrade (87 F)
       - Winter average: 0 degrees Centigrade (32 F)
    • Freshwater lakes and rivers


    Queen Charlotte statue welcomes visitors to Uptown

    Reflections of Charlotte at night


    Ranked #14

    Best Big Cities

    for Jobs

  • UNC Charlotte Academics

    A comprehensive state university with approximately 29,000 students, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is located northeast of the city with a satellite facility in the modern “uptown” Charlotte hub. The beautiful campus and modern facilities with easy access to downtown Charlotte provide a pleasant, stimulating environment.

    • More than 2,000 international students
    • 86 bachelor’s programs, more than 140 graduate programs
    • Fastest growing university in North Carolina
    • UNC Charlotte is ranked in the Top 10 nationwide for 

      technological inventions

    Graduating students are thrilled with their accomplishments

    Students actively participate in learning

    English conditional admission for international students applying for undergraduate programs 

  • Prepare for Success 


    Please click on our state to view our interactive map

  • Join the ELTI Family

    Students make lasting friendships at the ELTI

    ELTI students connect with US students

    “When I first came to the states two years ago, I had a lot of difficulties with communicating with other people because I did not know how to speak the language they were speaking. However, the ELTI made me a better person by teaching me both the English language and how to communicate with people who natively speak English. The ELTI provides a safe educational environment that helps you to be a better person. Not only do they teach you the language, but they also do fun stuff like picnics, trips, and a lot of other events which I recommend you as a student to attend to practice the English language and to know new friends.”

    “Studying in the ELTI has been a great experience for me. Not only has my language improved, but I have also met many sweet, kind people. Here we are family. And family will always be there for you. They’ll support you, fight with you, and they will always be proud of you.”

    “I’ve learned a lot since I came to ELTI and I’ve made a lot of friends from different nationalities. The staff are so helpful and kind. I’ve lived with them like a family.”

    One of many student success stories

    – Majd Alawami, Saudi Arabia 
       Former ELTI Student
       Current Systems Engineering major

    – Taif Alshemmeri, Kuwait
       Former ELTI Student,  Level 6 

    – Ayman Abunabah, Jordan
       Former ELTI Student, Level 5

    “Here we are family.” 

  • Application Information

    1. Evidence of financial support (only if requesting an I-20 Form)
    2. Copy of passport photo page
    3. Student’s personal email address
    4. The student’s complete address in the home country

    Once the ELTI has received all of the information listed above, the admission documents and I-20 Form are quickly processed and sent to you, our future Niner Nation member!

    Live. Learn. Be Global.

    Norm the Niner welcomes you

    Students appreciate 
    the friendly environment

    Students are proud to be UNC Charlotte 49ers


    1. Complete the secure, online application
    2. Pay the application fee: US $60
    3. Pay the express mailing fee: US $80


    We look forward to welcoming you as a student at the ELTI. Refer to our website (elti.uncc.edu) for detailed information. The following list provides a summary of the application process. 

  • Inquiry Form
  • ELTI@UNCC.EDU • ELTI.UNCC.EDU • (t) +1 (704) 687.7777 • (f) +1 (704) 687.1661

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